Psychic Phenomena

Pieces-of-the-Puzzle-Front-Cover-Volume-1PIECES OF THE PUZZLE
Volume 1 – Psychic Phenomena
by Trinda Latherow

A quest for the truths to our existence with first the recognition of the once unseen world around us.

Orchestrated by invisible hands, Pieces of the Puzzle, Volume 1 – Psychic Phenomena affirms an unseen world to those living in this one. While I never sought to discover the paranormal while living a normal life, it happened nonetheless. In the still of the night, I heard noises not attributable to household appliances, my husband, or the dogs. In the bright of day, I could feel a presence yet saw no one. Whenever a truth be told, the tiniest of hairs on my neck and arms stood up with unexplainable chills. Often times, I would know when the phone would ring or if someone had important news to share, especially with the birth or death of a family member. After years of these types of experiences, I began to suspect that someone in the spirit world had been making repeated attempts to communicate with me. Those mystifying moments in my life led me to begin an exploration into some of life’s greatest mysteries, initially of an unseen world, psychic phenomena, and spirit communication.

In a search for the truths to these mysteries and more, I sought after the most obvious and insightful of individuals who hold essential pieces of the puzzle to our existence, especially of birth and death and why we exist. The first of many being famous or notable psychic-mediums and gifted laypeople throughout the U.S. Together in both candid conversations and the most enlightening of interviews, they share their experiences, knowledge, and beliefs of an unseen world and some of what it entails for the betterment of others. From all of our experiences, we find ourselves another step closer to the realization that the paranormal is more normal than once thought and that there is a great deal more to both our world and us.

Discover an unseen world around us in the adventure of a lifetime, as I search for the truths to self and life, the supernatural and spirit communication, but especially how to develop our natural, intuitive abilities to help guide us toward living a more beneficial and fulfilling life. My only request is that you keep an open mind along the way, as some of it may just challenge your whole identity.

Pieces of the Puzzle: A quest for the truths to our existence.

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