Our Reality

Pieces-of-the-Puzzle-Front-Cover-Volume-2PIECES OF THE PUZZLE
Volume 2—Our Reality
by Trinda Latherow

An inquisitive look at our perception of reality and a destiny by divine design.

While Pieces of the Puzzle, Volume 1 – Psychic Phenomena helps each of us to know that not only are we all naturally intuitive and that by all accounts life is continuous, but also that there is so much more for us yet to discover. From all of our collective experiences, we found ourselves one-step closer to the realization that the paranormal is more normal than we might have once thought. From testing our own intuition and natural abilities, we found that not only is everyone psychically gifted, but that there is a great deal more to the coincidences and synchronicities in our lives. From communicating once again with our deceased loved ones and those of the spirit world, we found validation in our hope for life after death. We learned to recognize not only the supernatural aspects of life, but also the reality of an unseen world. We found our loved ones and those who have gone on before us are not gone at all, but rather exist beyond this earthly realm.

Yet, where are those other realms? What are they like? What is this existence and where do we go to from here? Can we really, create a reality of choice, here and there? Those answers and more are in the following chapters of Pieces of the Puzzle, Volume 2 – Our Reality. In this second volume, the author meets a number of individuals and learns of their extraordinary life stories, experiences, and theories of our reality. With her this time are professionals and artists from science to science fiction who each share their unique perceptions of our world and us.

Meet the famous science fiction author Richard B. Matheson regarding more of his metaphysical work. Meet both the producer and physics expert from the international film phenomenon What the Bleep Do We Know!? Meet those professionals and experts from around the world who are in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and parapsychology. It is an eclectic group that shares a unified belief that we are critically, connected to one another, to our earth, and to a greater power and presence, no matter how each may believe or perceive of it to be. That what affects the one affects the whole. That each of us is a co-creator of this world or our shared reality. That we can create a better existence by only first believing and perceiving of it to be and then by sharing our inherent gifts and creativity.

Volume 2 – Our Reality is sure to be the most advantageous volume to the series, as readers come to learn of the greatness within to be so much more than mere flesh and bone. For within each lies the ability to be who it is that we are truly, meant to be or happier, healthier, and wealthier. Yes, we can create a reality closer to our dreams, one of better choices and fewer regrets. A vision only imagined from a higher awareness or greater perspective of our world and us.

Pieces of the Puzzle: A quest for the truths to our existence.

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