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I was a lover of words long before I knew it. I played with letters and words, writing years before even learning how to spell or form sentences. My passion was born with me and as early as age two, my mother would often find me writing with anything I could find. From once the use of her favorite red lipstick to crayons, pencils, and pens, writing it seemed would be part of my destiny.

keyboardEventually, I found the quickness of computer keystrokes to be much more desirable. I do little hand writing these days, as it never feels I can go quick or sure enough with a pad and pen. Yet, I love to write however possible and the only challenge today is to write well enough to touch the hearts, minds, and souls of others. For what good are words, if they do not help another in some way, uplift or inspire them, remind them of their own inherent gifts and creativity, if not encourage them along their life’s journey. I will continue to try to use my gift for the betterment of self and others, else why be a writer at all. Why write of all the phenomena in my life, miraculous or unexpected attention-getters, as I often refer to them?

Someone once told me the first book would lead me from all “the psychic phenomena” to “the Christ phenomena,” and truly, I knew not why. Little did I know then that all the unexplainable phenomena in my life was leading me to something more, something I would not fully understand until a number of years later. Until then, I continued my investigation into the unseen world around me and somehow in my quest for the truths to our existence, the journey evolved into an adventure of a lifetime, an epic adventure for the soul.

Along the way, I was asking some of life’s biggest questions, “Who am I, where did I come from, and why am I here?” Where it would lead me was yet unknown. I only knew I wanted answers or those truths to self and life that were right for me. All the miraculous moments and recognized coincidences or synchronicities in my life caused me to ponder not only our existence or being human, but also our purpose in this life. Through some divine intervention, my search eventually led me to developing a relationship with a greater power and presence, to things of a more spiritual nature or matters of the spirit.

Why write the first book on psychic phenomena or all those attention-getters or moments both mysterious and miraculous? To recognize an unseen power or force in our world. Why a second book on our reality? To recognize that we all are co-creators of this shared reality. Why a third book on the afterlife and an infinite beyond? To recognize an eternal existence or our continuance beyond physical death. Why a fourth book on spirituality and faith? To recognize an unseen presence or spirit among us. To recognize our value and worth, our inherent gifts and creativity, our divine ancestry and vital connections to self, others, and a greater power and presence. To remember who we and where we came from, but more importantly, why we are here. To spiritually learn and grow into who we are truly meant to be or ever evolving spiritual beings living a human existence, part and whole of that which is eternal, wise, and loving.

To live and learn in this world, we must first recognize an unseen one. We must come to see that there is more to our existence than what meets our physical eyes. We must come to discover in our own time and way that we are more than flesh and bone, and that something, some greater power and presence is there to help guide us along the way. We need only follow the Christ within or that of our higher self, but at all times let love lead the way in our life. Let wisdom and love guide us to be who we are truly meant to be. Discover a purpose-driven life through the use of our inherent gifts or innate abilities. Make the most of the gift, the gift of life that allows the very spirit of us to experience all of the phenomena of this world and our shared reality, until we come to glimpse something of an afterlife through our spiritual maturity and faith in a greater power and presence.

Why write, especially when so many others are thankfully writing as well? To meet and make a connection not only with others, but also a greater power and presence, force, or spirit that guides us with wisdom and love. Not only in birth and death, but all that occurs in between and after. It is my deepest desire that gifts of the Word of Wisdom and Word of Knowledge for the betterment of both self and others, else why be a writer at all. If you enjoy journaling or writing as well, please leave a reply and tell us why, as it is simply another great way to meet and make a connection with others, if not help each along our way to happier, healthier, and truly wealthier lives. Thank you for reading the writings of one who was simply a lover of words long before even learning how to spell or form sentences.

Pieces of the Puzzle
One title, four volumes, and countless stories that tell of both the mysterious and miraculous aspects to our world and us. An epic adventure for the soul.

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