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I knew of God’s love early in my life, but it was not until I experienced the supernatural or miraculous that I found my spirituality and faith in a greater power and presence. For the unexplainable had given cause to ask such age-old questions of self and life as who are we and where did we come from, but more importantly, why are we here? Determined to find the answers, I began a spiritual quest, one that would turn out to be an epic adventure for the soul.

The first of many discoveries even became a book entitled Pieces of the Puzzle. One title, four volumes and countless stories that tell of both the mysterious and miraculous aspects to our world and us. More of a personal journal than a story, the book is a collection of real-life experiences and long awaited answers to some of the most familiar and haunting of life questions. It is what I often refer to as my mystical memoirs or the diary of one soul’s search for the truths to our existence.

Hello, my name is Trinda Latherow and I am not a professional therapist or theologian, nor do I have a psychology degree or academic doctorate. However, I do not believe you have to have a title behind your name to have a better understanding of life, death, or even some of what may follow it. Those with and without a higher degree have explored the most complex theories to man’s existence. Countless individuals with varying backgrounds have taken a similar journey toward self-enlightenment or personal development and spiritual growth and found the answers they were seeking. In addition to spiritualists and scientists, there have been a number of others – leaders, philosophers, and insightful laypeople who have found that which brings them both peace and purpose. More times than not, it is a purpose greater than they might have ever imagined. While many are still exploring the endless possibilities to our being, some certainties are clearly identifiable.

For it seems, humanity holds essential pieces of the puzzle to our existence or a great many truths to our existence. Once we meet and make a connection, we may begin to gain some greater insight as to what they truly are. From the collective experiences and personal perspectives of others, we may also learn more about ourselves as well. While some of these experiences may be familiar to you, others may just challenge your whole identity and your perception of both the seen and unseen worlds around us.

My own exploration began after the birth of my daughter and soon after death of my mother. Birth and death will do that, cause us to question our own mortality, if not even give cause to begin an exploration into some of life’s greatest mysteries. Until then, my world was well grounded. I knew who I was and what I wanted out of life, or least I thought I did. Afterward, the normal reactions occurred – grief, confusion, and anger at the loss of my mother, just when I needed her the most. The first of a great many questions came from my conscious cries, “why her and why now?”

Then slowly, one by one, the answers came, one piece of the puzzle at a time, until an astonishing picture began to form. The answers came from the most surprising and unusual sources. I met people I never thought I would ever meet or needed to meet. Yet, I did find them. They were an eclectic group of guides and teachers in flesh and spirit with the highest and best intentions. They were there for me and in a way, for you too. They shared their experiences, knowledge, and personal understandings of the eternal soul willingly and candidly, for the betterment of all.

Even though my quest did not end with the first volume to Pieces of the Puzzle, I did find many surprising answers. Those answers have given me a new outlook on life and most of all a growing inner peace. Until later in life, I never really knew of this peace. Some refer it as being born-again while others describe it as simply that of a spiritual awakening. All I know for sure is that the journey thus far has changed my life and thankfully for the better – physically, mentally, emotionally, and most of all, spiritually.

Little did I know at the time upon my first stepping upon a more mindful or spiritual path that I would eventually come to recognize what was once unseen, reconnect with my deceased loved ones, receive miraculous healings, and come to meet and make such divine connections as with Jesus, Mother Mary, and the saints and sages throughout time. Yet, now, after all the years of both subjective and objective experiences, I am finally ready to share my discoveries with the skeptic or with the one still seeking, as well as with the believer or the one sitting in faith of a greater power and presence.

For the secret is finally out, conversations with God many, and ancient prophecies long since revealed, but countless individuals are still struggling to live a better life. They are still searching for those missing pieces of the puzzle that will not only bring about greater happiness, health, and wealth, but also personal peace. Yet for those who do find them, the difficulty may remain as to how to fit all those pieces together in order to make real and lasting changes for the better. Pieces of the Puzzle may help do just that, as this spiritual scribe first recognizes the once unseen world around her and steps upon a path of mysteries and miracles alike. From the supernatural to the spiritual, others are sure to become inspired as I was to make those vital connections to our higher self, to others in real and meaningful ways, and to a greater power and presence that can not only guide each to create a better life experience, but especially how to be more at peace with self and life, as well as death.

Yes, I am the unsuspecting scribe to Pieces of the Puzzle, a four volume nonfiction memoir that touches on everything from unexpectedly seeing spirits to eventually learning how to live more in peace, love, and joy! My story is a personal quest for the truths to our existence, one that evolves into an epic adventure for the soul, as well as a guide to living a more abundant and fulfilling life. It begins with birth and death, but includes so much more – long awaited answers to some of life’s biggest questions. What I did not know for sure was how my answers would actually come. Not only by meeting and by making a connection with countless souls in flesh and spirit, but also from discovering the secret to life, conversing with God, and moving beyond ancient prophecies to actually experiencing the miraculous or unexpected. Only then was I able to put all the pieces together to live the life I was truly destined, one greater than I could have ever have imagined it to be.

Sometime ago, a Holy Spirit asked if I knew of my divine destiny to write and less than three weeks later I was interviewing Richard B. Matheson, one the greatest science fiction writers of the twentieth century. However, it was not about I Am Legend, The Incredible Shrinking Man, or The Beardless Warriors, but about his more metaphysical books, particularly The Path: A New Look at Reality (Tor, 1993) and What Dreams May Come (Tor, 1978) with a film by the same title starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. Over the following years, I would come to meet and make a connection with a great many others – scientists, doctors, spiritual leaders, and insightful laypeople worldwide. Together we explored our world and us, our reality, and the promise of an afterlife, but especially our soulful connection to one another and I have been writing and speaking about our unique experiences ever since.

Having addressed the mind and body alone within my previous career as a safety and health professional, my focus now is on making the mind, body, heart and soul connection. For its only when we do that I believe we come to live our best life. Now, after all the years of recognized phenomena, supernatural experiences, or miraculous moments in my life, as well as the countless hours of research, interviews, and writing, I am anxious to tell my story. Yes, it’s a story of faith and hope, but more importantly about a how a greater power and presence is actually active in our world and us. How God, the creator of all, source of all, or One of all is alive within each. Blocked by some, ignored by others, but alive nonetheless – ever present, ever patient, ever powerful enough to change our lives for the better, if we but simply invite a Holy Spirit to lead the way. If we but trust in the wisdom and love within to lead us to a happier, healthier, and truly wealthier life. If we but remember our divine ancestry, inherent gifts, and infinite creativity. If we but remember, we are of a divine mind in a sacred body with an eternal soul. How splendid is that!

For it is these truths to our being that brings us such peace, such personal peace that we no longer fear anything of this world. That we come to live this life to its fullest and best, but don’t take my word for it or anyone else’s. I simply invite you to discover your own truths to self and life by first stepping upon a more mindful or spiritual path. Begin your own quest and watch as the adventure of a lifetime unfolds before your very eyes. See your way to miracles within the mundane by first being open to the unexpected in our world and us. May this life be one worth remembering in greater peace, love, and joy! I hope my own story will be of some help to you in your own walk towards even greater enlightenment. Peace and love to you and those you meet along the way.

Trinda Latherow
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After the birth of her daughter and soon after death of her mother, Trinda stepped upon a path of mysteries and miracles alike in a quest for the answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Asking, “Who are we and where did we come from, but more importantly, why are we here?” Along the way, she met world renowned psychics, scientists, spiritual leaders, doctors, authors, artists, and gifted laypeople who each held essential pieces of the puzzle to our existence. She has been sharing her many miraculous experiences ever since. Previously addressing the mind and body as a safety and health professional, Trinda is now focusing on the mind, body, heart and soul of us as an author artist, consultant, spiritual speaker and survival evidence medium. Please visit her blog to learn more about Trinda, her work, and all those she continues to meet, as well as how making our vital connections – to self, others, and a greater power and presence can help us to live our best life yet!
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Trinda Latherow is an author, artist, consultant, spiritual speaker, and survival evidence (psychic) medium. To learn more, please visit her website and blog at

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