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Trinda-Latherow-415x470I hope you will join me in the adventure of a lifetime, a spiritual quest for the truths to our existence as I ask, “Who are we and where did we come from, but more importantly, why are we here?” Along the way, we will meet renowned psychic-mediums, scientists, doctors, authors, artists, spiritual leaders, and insightful people worldwide. Discover the unseen world around us, as we delve deeper than ever before into the phenomena of our world and us, our individual and shared realities, the promise of an afterlife, and what it truly means to be a more spiritually minded human being. Through all of our discoveries, you may find your own truths in our walk together along a path of mysteries and miracles alike in Pieces of the Puzzle. ~Trinda Latherow

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE by Trinda Latherow
A spiritual quest for the truths to our existence. One title, four volumes, and countless stories that tell of both the mysterious and miraculous aspects to our world and us. An epic adventure for the soul.

Pieces of the Puzzle: A quest for the truths to our existence.

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Trinda Latherow is an author, artist, consultant, spiritual speaker, and survival evidence (psychic) medium. To learn more, please visit her website and blog at

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