The Afterlife and Infinite Beyond

Volume 3—The Afterlife and Infinite Beyond
by Trinda Latherow

The reality of an afterlife is what we can if only first believe and perceive of it to be.

Serious thinkers realize that as human beings, we only have pieces of the puzzle to our existence, but as spiritual beings, we have an inner knowing that life is continuous and that the spirit of man lives on in an afterlife and infinite beyond.

Beyond this existence lies the unknown, an unseen world or reality known to us as the afterlife. It is another realm or level above this one, a middle ground between the shadow of man and light of our Creator. From somewhere deep within us, we know it exists, but what that existence may be like was reason enough for writing Pieces of the Puzzle, Volume 3 – The Afterlife and Infinite Beyond.

From all that I have come to learn thus far, I now know our existence is not finite. When this life comes to its end, it is only the body that is discarded. The spirit of us or our conscious self returns to whence it came, to an afterlife and infinite beyond. To reincarnate, to move closer to the source of all life, or to do whatever our soul intends to do. How splendid is that!

From spiritualists to scientists, the consensus among seekers and sages worldwide is that upon death the spirit of us, the part of us that connects to an even greater Spirit, moves from this world into another. Eternal life is no longer an empty promise or wishful concept, but a truth recognized by all those who have come to know this from their own near-death, astral travel, dream spells and unique experiences. As children are forming loving relationships with invisible friends and adults are sensing and acknowledging the presence of a greater power, force, or spirit in their lives. Now more than ever before people of all ages and from all walks of life are coming together to discuss alternate realities and beings of light. Humankind is realizing its true nature, its true home, and its true purpose.

My quest for answers continued, as I still had a great many questions, especially of the biggest mystery of all – the afterlife. Does our consciousness really continue after physical death? Is there a Heaven or Hell that awaits us? I wanted to know of our inevitable destiny and what the afterlife or next phase of our existence might really be like. My exploration led me to inquire of not only an afterlife, but also how we could best help with the transition of crossing over or dying from natural causes or from the last stages of some life-limiting disease, illness, or injury. Is it possible to die “a good death?” Can our loved ones in the spirit world really guide us in a return home? Will each of us come to discover the same thing? Does man continue to experience in other worlds or realities beyond this one? What kingdoms exist between my maker and me? The possibilities as to what may await us all are in the following pages of Pieces of the Puzzle, Volume 3 – The Afterlife and Infinite Beyond.

Those both new and familiar with whom I have met share their unique experiences and theories to life, death, and all that may exist for us beyond the grave. Their beliefs and perceptions come by way of astral travel or out-of-body experiences, meditation, spirit communication, deathbed visions, and the latest medical and scientific research on the consciousness of man. Together, we come to know what Spirit has led me to realize about the true nature of our existence and reality of an afterlife and infinite beyond.

Meet Drs. Raymond Moody, Pim van Lommel, and Peter Fenwick regarding their near-death studies and understandings of the human consciousness. Revisit with the famous science fiction author Richard Matheson regarding his metaphysically based bestselling novel and film, What Dreams May Come. Meet the many others who from all of their experiences have come to consider that man’s consciousness does indeed continue after physical death. Learn of those theories that are the merging of science and spirituality. Welcome what Spirit wishes to share with us through those psychic-mediums you have come to know throughout our journey, as we discover valuable clues to an eternal existence. The idea of another realm or level beyond this one progresses from possibility to actuality the closer we come to the light of truth.

Volume 3–The Afterlife and Infinite Beyond is a sensitive collection of experiences, interviews, and philosophies about life and death, and the endless possibilities to life itself. Each account further assures us of an existence beyond this one. Surely, an afterlife exists, differing at least initially by our beliefs and perceptions, for it could not be otherwise.

Pieces of the Puzzle: A quest for the truths to our existence.


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