The Reality of an Afterlife


The reality of an afterlife is what we can if only first believe and perceive of it to be.

Ever wonder what the other side is actually like? Is there is a heaven or paradise as promised or is there is nothing at all? Is the other side even more real than this world and if so, does it have any boundaries or is it an infinite beyond? Can we learn the answers to these questions and more while living in this world?

What lies beyond our reality or that which awaits us after physical death is a reality as only we can first believe and perceive of it to be. For beyond this existence lies another realm or level above this, a middle ground between the shadow of man and light of our Creator. Somewhere deep within us we know this to be true, but it is the mystery of it all that calls us to explore the possibilities of an afterlife and infinite beyond.

As my quest for the truths to our existence began to yield both mysteries and miracles alike, the reality of an afterlife or life after this one began to be more than just plausible. With every near-death event, astral travel experience, dream spell, meditation, vision, physical apport, ether manifestation, and communication with spirit, the afterlife is no longer in question. What that afterlife is actually like, however, seems to vary by each person’s experiences. Yet, between them all we can begin to glimpse something of what may await us upon our own physical death.

From decades of collective research, events and experiences, both subjective and objective, many now believe know that there is another reality or world beyond this one. One that holds some mystery, yes, but exists nonetheless and to some degree is even knowable by all. For each account of life after death assures the other. Each visitation with deceased loved ones, spirit guides, saints, and angels validates our own encounters. Each experience there comforts us while we are here.

It is as one woman wrote me, “Trusting everything I am reading is true – makes it so powerful for me. I have always been a hopeful believer having had a few moments myself that went beyond coincidence. This life would be nothing, if there wasn’t MORE! Thank you for sharing your moments and making HOPEFUL feel more like REAL. Now I can look to the heavens and smile in belief.”

May all that you come to believe and perceive of the afterlife and infinite beyond feel more real than hopeful. May you look to the heavens and one day come to believe know there is indeed more. May your journey in this reality assure you of yet another. Peace be with you dear friends, as life after death comes to all. We need only first believe and perceive of the possibility.


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